Naturally Insulated Prefabricated Panels


The design is a result of trials and research using the knowledge gained in the construction industry over the last 20 years Walls and Roofs can be built from 160mm to 400mm thick using the different I-joist depths. The maximum length can be 6m and height 3m if being transported to site. The panels can be either load bearing or just insulation carriers ( Cassette/ caisson)

Naturally Insulated Prefabricated Panels (NIPPs) are panels made of :

Steico LVL , a laminated veneer lumber.
Sole plate and plates
Steico I –Joists
Filled with Wood Fibre insulation that is blown in

Technical Details

Outside Wall Cladding

The ouside wall can be clad in a varity of materials including: Battoned for timber. Brickwork with a minimum 50mm cavity. Timber - with a minimim 25mm cavity. Render direct on mortar 

NIPPS Specification

Upper Barn, Springhead Farm, Amberley Road, Parham, West Sussex, RH20 4HN

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