Wivelsfield is a new build, 2017- 2018. The NIPPs ( Naturally insulated passive panels) were prefabricated and transported to site . The walls had the wood fibre insulation blown in off site compared with the roof panels which had the wood fibre blown in on site. The walls are to be clad in timber and it has a TATA steel roof. The U-value for the build is 0.116 ( passivhaus standard is 0.15 U). The walls have 300mm of blown Steico Zell wood fibre insulation and a 60mm wood fibre insulation board. During the build phase when we had our cold spell in February 2018 , it was -3 degrees outside the house and 12 degrees inside without any heating.

The projects in the portfolio section are only a small sample of the work we have carried out. If you have any questions about other projects please don't hesitate to contact us.

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